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Enzo Nicola Terzano teaches Theory and Method of the Mass-Media in the Academy of Fine Arts. He is an essayist and a freelance journalist for both national and local publications; among his latest published articles there are: Moonstone.The Language of Symbols in an old Chinese Tale (Florence, 1996); The Serpent Prince.Popular Tales from Molise (Florence, 2000) and his intervention The Elements between East and West in Tibet: Art and Spitituality. A contribution on the History of Man (Geneve-Milan, Skira, 1999). Some interviews are published in: Pen High Quality Magazine (Tokyo, n.12, Nov. 1999). Among his recent conferences there has been: Art and Faith at the Customs Hall in Foggia (refer to Conferences). (info@terzano.info)  

Enzo Terzano in 1980


2.1 Detailed Biography

Enzo Nicola Terzano was born in Italy. He graduated in D.A.M.S. (Discipline delle Arti, della Musica e dello Spettacolo) from the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of the University of Bologna with a thesis on the History of the Cinema.

Self-portrait of Enzo Terzano with the photo multiple: "The Kiss" (cm. 89,2 x 80, 1986)

From 1980 to 1981 he produced several experimental short films: The ball, Italy, 1980; The sky between…, U.S.A., 1980-81 and Novelet for five performers, Italy, 1981. He collaborated in the production of the movie Outside the two of us, Italy, 1981 which was presented in the ‘Special Section’ of the XII International Cinematographic Festival of Taormina (Refer to Movies).

In 1981 he worked as a journalist and free lance reporter for the magazine SIPARIO (Milan); OVER (Turin); IL NUOVO LABORATORIO (Bologna); MGUR-POESIA (Venice). His work also appeared in FRIGIDAIRE (Rome); PER LUI (Milan); MONGOLFIERA (Bologna); PRESENZA NUOVA (Rome); INTERVALLO INCIDENZE (Cosenza); FANTASMA (Verona) in the form of articles and short essays on the theory of communication, as well as criticism on the arts and entertainment (Refer to Articles published in periodicals).

In 1986 he planned and took over the cultural direction of Contemporary.Biennial Exhibition of Art, Philosophy and Performance, for the Department of National Culture of AICS. He edited the catalogue (Milan, Fabbri, 1986) for Contemporary (Refer to Catalogues).

In 1990 he left his journalistic activities and continued as a writer concluding his first book published under the title, Knots and links of the boy with the small horns.Short stories on the spirit of low Molise (folklore). Other books followed: in 1992 Cinematic Futurism (communication); in 1993 Ecology of Mass-Media (communication) and in 1995 Moonstone. The Language of symbols in an old Chinese Tale (folklore-communication) (Refer to Books published).

In 1991 he became teacher of Theory and Method of the Mass-Media at Florence Academy of Fine Arts. In the following years he took over the chair of Aesthetics at Carrara Academy of Fine Arts (Refer to Teaching experience) and Anthropology at Foggia Academy of Fine Arts. Secondary activities: refer to Music, Interviews; Exhibitions; Conferences).

In 1997 he was invited to Tender is the night RAI TV 2 live broadcast presented by A. Bagnasco: the 30th and 31st of January he discussed together with some prestigious intelectuals of Culture on the theme The bad effects of violence on TV upon children; the 14th of March he debated on the theme Art at the end of the second millenium (refer to Talk Show on Tv).

In 1999 through his intervention The Elements between East and West he collaborated on the carrying out of the exhibition Art and Spirituality. A contibution to the history of man (Milan-Geneve) which took place in Milan at the Besana round terrace and was inaugurated by S.S the 14th Dalai Lama. In 1999 also an interview was published in Pen High Quality Magazine (Tokyo,n.2,Nov.1999).

Among his last works there is a book of tales which the author could gather thanks to an ethnographic research in the field which took place at the end of the seventies and whose title is The Serpent Prince (Florence, Loggia de’ Lanzi, 2000). Another interview is Art in Life, in the catalogue Art and Life published by Tuscany and the ASL 3 of Pistoia as far as the use of the laboratories of Art in the day Centres is concerned. (Burgo a Buggiano, 2000) (refer to Catalogues).

There is another work written from an anthropological perspective about  virtual realities, cybernetics and the multimedia in the digital Age.The book is about to be published and is titled Communication in the hi-tec. world. (info@terzano.info)

Reviews, interviews and quotations from various titles by the author have been published  by the following :

Pen Hight Quality Magazine (Tokyo); Il Corriere della Sera (Milan); La Repubblica (Milan); L’Unitā (Roma); Il Resto del Carlino (Bologna); L’Avanti (Rome); Il Manifesto (Rome); Il Tempo (Rome); Il Messaggero (Rome); Il Quotidiano del Molise (Campobasso); Reporter; Alto Adige; Il Settimanale; Filmania; Il Nuovo Laboratorio; Over; Per Lui (Vogue); Per Lei (Vogue); Erba d’Arno; Il Giornale dell’Arte; Terzocchio; Flash-Gallery; RAI 3.


2. 2 Books published

- 1990 - Terzano, E. N., Knots and links of the boy with the small horns. Short stories on the spirit of low Molise folklore, Guglionesi (Italy), Romanelli Tip., 1990, p. 92.

- 1992 - Terzano, E. N., Cinematic Futurism. The cinematic model of communication in aesthetics, arts and futuristic theatre, Arcidosso (Italy), Shang-Shung Ed., 1992, p. 178.

- 1993 - Terzano, E. N, Ecology of Mass-Media. Body and mind in oral communication and mass-media, Arcidosso (Italy), Shang-Shung Ed., 1993, p. 120.

- 1995 - Terzano, E. N., Moonstone. The Language of Symbols in an old Chinese Tale, Florence, (Loggia de' Lanzi Ed., 1996, p. 110).

- 1996 - Terzano, E. N., Cinematic Painting. The aesthetic research, the chromatic music and the abstract movies by A. Ginna e B. Corra (1910-1912), Arcidosso (Italy), Diomedea, 1996, p. 60 (limited issues).

- 1996 - Terzano, E. N., Artistic Materialism and Spiritual Art, Arcidosso (Italy), Diomedea, 1996, pp. 206 (limited issues).

- 1998 - Terzano, E. N., The Rise of the Experimental Cinema, Florence, Loggia de' Lanzi, 1998, p. 63.

- 2000 - Terzano, E. N., The Serpent Prince. Popular tales from Molise, Florence, Loggia de' Lanzi, 2000, p. 133.


2.3 Books published as an editor

 - 1994 - Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, The precious light. The expression of Vajra dance and his six sorts of beings in six pure dimensions, (edited by Adriana Dal Borgo and Enzo Terzano), Arcidosso (Italy), Shang Shung Ed., 1994, p. 105 (http://web.tiscali.it/merigar) (e-mail: ssed@ats.it).

- 1998 - Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, La Ganapuja, (edited by Enzo Terzano), italian version, Arcidosso (Italy), Shang Shung Ed., 1998, p. 54 (e- mail: ssed@ats.it).

- 1998 - Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, Ganapuja, (edited by Enzo Terzano) translated into Russian by Farida Malikova, Tatyana Naumenko, Gregory Mokhin, Shang Shung Ed., Rinchen Ling, Moscow, 1998. (Kunsangar - e-mail: kunsag@gar.legko.ru).

- 1999 - Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, Ganapuja (edited by Enzo Terzano), translated into English, Arcidosso (Italy), Shang Shung Ed., 1999, p. 56 (e- mail: ssed@ats.it).

- 1999 - Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, Ganapuja, (edited by Enzo Terzano) translated into Spanish by Ramķn Vásquez and Ana María Humeres, Ediciones Shang Shung, Tashigar, Buenos Aires, 1999. (Tashigar - e-mail: nsaporiti@interlink.com.ar).

- 1999 - Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, Ganapuja, (edited by Enzo Terzano) translated into Czechoslovakian by Margit Martinu, Shang Shung Ed., Prague 1999 (e-mail: Lukas.Chmelik@ff.cuni.cz).


Enzo Terzano with the Members of Dzog-Chen Community and Namkhai Norbu
family, Arcidosso, 1998

2.4 Books published as a freelance contributor

- 1997 - Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, Zi’s necklace. History and Culture in Tibet, (edited by Adriano Clemente), (collaboration of Massimo Facchini and Enzo Terzano), Arcidosso (Italy), Shang Shung Ed., 1997, p. 76 (e- mail: ssed@ats.it).


2.5 Articles published in periodicals (listed by publication)


 SIPARIO, Milan, monthly, International ed.

- The eroticism on the screen, a. XXXVI, n. 407, Dec. 1981.

- The evolution of the Italian style of Comedy; a. XXXVII, n. 408, Jan. 1982.

- Bussotti and his sensual and loving relationship with Cinema, a. XXXVII, n. 410, March/April 1982.

- Fellini and Versace at the dancing rhythm, a. XXXVII, n. 416, Dec. 1982.

- Carolyn Carlson: when the body becomes poetry, a. XXXVIII, n. 417/8, Jan/Feb. 1983.

- A new spectacular nature has got a big love: theatre, a. XXXVIII, n. 412, Oct. 1983.

- Meeting Lionel Soukaz in Paris, a. XXXVIII, n. 426, Oct. 1983.

- Like the primitive and wild dance, a. XXXIX, n. 429/30, Jan/Feb. 1984.

- The role of women in the Cinema of the thirties, a. XXXIX, n. 429/30, Jan/Feb. 1984.

- A green carpet of flashes and adventures, a. XXXIX, n. 431, March 1984.


OVER, Turin, quarterly.

- Beyond the three-dimensional vision of Consumption, n. 3, summer 1983.

- Each civilization has got its own method of suicide, n. 4, January 1984.

- Trialism and visualbiology, n. 5, summer 1984.

- Fridigaire interview, n. 6, March 1985.

- Art actuel: overgrounder Painting, n. 6, March 1985.

- The biomovie and the imitative technologies, n. 7, July 1985.

- Indisk of Slawomir Mrozek, n. 7, July 1985.

- Game between two people (Novel), n. 8, December 1985.

- Tokyo ga, n. 9, May 1986.


FANTASMA, Udine, two-yearly, art magazine.

 - The World of the Moon, n. 2, February 1989.


PRESENZA NUOVA, Rome, monthly.

 - And... as the creator of the manifestation, A. XVII, n. 56/7, July/Aug. 1986.


MGUR-POESIA, Bologna, periodical of international literature.

- Cinema as diablerie, n. O, Summer 1987.


FRIGIDAIRE, Rome, monthly.

- Eva Robins interview, n. 58, September 1986.


INTERVALLO/INCIDENZE, Cosenza, two-yearly.

- Thomas de Quincey, Murder as one of Fine Arts, n. 5, Jan/June 1985 (Cfr. Necrophilia, in Il Nuovo Laboratorio, a. IV, n. 1, march-april, 1985).


MONGOLFIERA, Bologna, twice-weekly.

- Contemporary, n. 41, 7-20 July 1986.

- Introduction to the work of Gabriele Cavicchioli, n. 55, 6-19 April 1987.

- Ego, Ego, Ego... my brain is falling apart, n. 58, 18-31 May 1987.


PER LUI, Milan, monthly.

- Confronted opinions.Realities and perspectives on the Latin Culture according to the judgement of fifteen experts, edited by M. Corrado, April 1986.


IL NUOVO LABORATORIO and LAB, Bologna, monthly.

- The visual art, a. 1, n. 3/4, Aug/Sep.1982.

- Venice and Fassbinder, a. II, n. 5, March 1983.

- What a beautiful industrial monument, a. II, n. 6, May 1983.

- Carolyn Carlson interview, a. II, n. 6, May 1983.

- Lionel Soukaz interview, a. II, n. 7, August 1983.

- Altilia, a. II, n. 8/9, Oct/Nov. 1983.

- Movie and biomovie, a. II, n. 8/9, Oct/Nov. 1983.

- False Movement, a. III, n. 12, January 1984.

- When the Veltro comes back, a. III, n. 14, April 1984.

- Is it a movie or a book?, a. III, n. 14, April 1984.

- Go on Sovereign Knight, a. III, n. 15, June 1984.

- Trialism, a. III, n. 16, July/Aug. 1984.

- Venice-Venice, a. III, n. 16, July/Aug. 1984.

- Oh, How wonderful it looked to me, a. III, n. 16, July/Aug. 1984.

- Like Tosca performing, a. III, n. 16, July/Aug. 1984.

- In the same way the eye follows its flying falcon, a. III, n. 18/19, Oct/Nov. 1984.

- King Bove, a. IV, n. 1, February 1985.

- To the bog in taxi, a. IV, n. 1, February 1985.

- The book of stone, a. IV, n. 1, Mar/April 1985.

- Computerized Artists, a. IV, n. 1, Mar/April 1985.

- Nercrophilia, a. IV, n. 1, Mar/April 1985.

- Waltharius, a. IV, n. 3, August 1985.

- What is art for?, a. IV, n. 6/7/8, Sept/Oct/Nov. 1985.

- The Multi-portrait and the sign, a. V, n. 1-2-3, April/June, 1986, p. 10, text of  Wainer Ligabue and photographs of Enzo Terzano.

- Luigi Firpo, the Press and “Contemporary...”, a. V, n. 1-2-3, April-June, 1986.

- Basketball: paraphrasing Roland Barthes, a. V, n. 1/2/3, April-June 1986.

- Another Biennial Exhibition of young artists, a. VI, March 1987.

- Erio Masina. Tobacco’s love, a. VI, March 1987.

- The Ugly and the Beautiful and the trade of art, a. VI, n. 31, July 1987.

- Videophotomatic Painting, a. VI, n. 31, July 1987.

- Osmego Dnia, a. VI, n. 31, July 1987.

- Rumours, a. VI, n. 31, July 1987.


NUOVO OGGI MOLISE, Campobasso, daily paper.

- An advertisement will save children, 30 January 1996.

- Un diverso progetto culturale, 14 July l996.

- A smell of antiquity,17 July 1996.

- Paolone’s bronzes, 21 July 1996.

- Portables yes... but overcautious!, 15 August l996.

- A videogame will destroy you, 27 August l996.

- Saint Mary of the Street, 28 August l996.


THE MIRROR, Arcidosso-Conway (USA), Newspaper of the International Dzogchen Community (e-mail: 105113.1133@compuserve.com)

- Sexuality and Dzoghen Practice, September-October 1996, Issue No. 37, p. 19.


MERIGAR LETTER, Arcidosso-Monthly of Merigar, Dzogchen Community (e-mail: merigar@dueffe.it)

- Reatreat in Merigar with Lobpön Tenzin Namdak, n. 42 September 1989, p. 11-12.

- The Nobleman (poetry), n. 46 January 1990, p. 16.

- Plan for a retreat in a dark house, n. 58 May 1991, p. 13.

- News, n. 61 August/September 1991, p. 6.

- The Tape Library, (Self-interview), n. 62 October 1991, p. 13-15.

- Tape Libreries, n. 66 April 1992, p. 18.

- News from France, n. 73 March 1993, p. 18.

- Inside and outside Tibet (tale), n. 6 June 1996, p. 21-22.

- The Probe (tale), n. 7 July 1996, p. 29-30.

- The Stupa (tale), n. 8 August 1996, p. 22-23.

- Sexuality and Dzoghen Practice, n. 9 September 1996, p. 24-27.

- Obstacles (tale), n. 10 October 1996, p. 26-27.

- The Tribes of the Earth, a. II, n. 5 May-June 1997, p. 30-31.

- Vajra Dance Teaching Course, a. II, n. 10 October-November 1997, p. 13-14.

- Retreat for first level Vajra Dance Teachers, a. III, n. 7 August 1998, p. 12-13.

- Vajra Dance CD, a. III, n. 7 August 1998, p. 14.


 2. 6 Catalogues

- 2001 – Ministry of the University for  Scientific and Technological Research and High Artistic Education, Foggia Academy of Fine Arts, Foggia. Title: Scratching Pablo Neruda's soul. Foggia Local Museum; May-June, 2001. Intervention of Enzo Terzano under the title The Scratches of the soul, pp. 78.

- 2000 – Intervention of E. Terzano under the title: Art in Life in A.A.V.V, Art and Life. Homage to the creativity of the users and the agents involved in the mental health services, (edited by  N. Biagini, T. Brizzi, M. C. Frizza, L. Lago, V. Torre, Toscany,  (USL 3) Pistoia, Mental Health Day Centre for Adults: “The Small City” (Buggiano), Tip. Pellegrini, Borgo a Buggiano, June 2000, pp. 8-11.

- 1999 - A.A.V.V., Tibet Art and Spirituality.A contibution to the history of Man. Introduction with topic: The elements between East and West, Ginevra-Milano, Skira, 1999, pp. 24-25.

- 1986 – Critical and introductive interventions of E. Terzano: Introduction to the scattering of the aesthetic fascination and Art and Criticism: a difficult relationship in this “fin de sičcle”: in A.A.V.V., “Contemporary”, Biennial Exhibition of Art, Philosophy and Performance, Milan,  Fabbri edition, 1986, p. 108. Bologna, Enzo King Palace, July-October, Organizing Committee: Italian Association of Culture and Sport: National Department of Culture, Regional Council of Emilia Romagna, Provincial Council of Bologna. Exhibition thought out and planned by Enzo Terzano.Painting Section: Edoardo Di Mauro and Enzo Terzano.


2.7 Art and Criticism

- 1995 – Critical interventions under the title The faces of the Dharma by Mauro Nobilini,for the catalogue Spiritual Art, “Collection” (Giuliano Cucco, Anna Kaplanidou, Mauro Nobilini and Stefano Toselli), Basilica of San Miniato al Monte, Florence, 14-28 October, 1995.Organization: Trans Culture and Genesis (Religious and Interdisciplinary Study Centre. Editor: Jacopo Boni. Critical texts by Marco Fagioli, Marzia Galardini and Enzo Terzano.

- 1987The Art and the Works of Gabriele Cavicchioli, (1985/1986). Text of E. Terzano for the “brochure” of the presentation of G. Cavicchioli Exhibition, held in  Bologna, Circolo Cruna, April, 1987.

- 1985 Personal by Patrizia Uboldi (1985). Text of E. Terzano. Neon Gallery, Bologna Town Council, Saffi District, “Young Centre”, Bologna, 29-31 March,1985, Ex Meeting Hall.

- 1984 - Overgrounder Painting. Text of E. Terzano. Artists: Lucio Angeletti, Lino Gianuizzi, Umberto Pizzirani. Opening Party, Tuesday, 13 Novembre, 1984. Zero Galery, Via Carbonara 8/A, Bologna.


2.8 Music

- 2000 The Song of the Vajra. Introductive text to the Compact Disc: Music for the Dance of the Vajra of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rimpoche, Florence, Amiata Records, 2000, ARNRO200 (www.amiatamedia.com).

- 1984 Score for Piano: Petit pičce for the Erik Satie club, music by Enzo Terzano,  transcription by Paolo Bidoli, dedicated to Stefano Armati, Bologna, October, 1984.


2.9 Interviews

- 1981 – Press Office of the XII Internazional cinematographical Festival of Taormina, Daily News, interview: Interview with Rosario Russo and Enzo Terzano, n. 9, 29 July, 1981.

- 1987 - RAI Radio 2 Regional transmissions in Emilia-Romagna, Due con, programme hosted by Patrizia Vicinelli with the participation of Enzo Terzano and Raffaele Milani. Discussions on: Cinema, criticism and public. Transmitted on 11.6.1987.

- 1987 - Why “Contemporary”?, interview with Enzo Terzano by Wainer Ligabue, Lab. Laboratory, Bologna, monthly, a. VI, n.30, March 1987, pp. 58-59.

- 1999 - Hi boys. A taste of Italy, Enzo Terzano interview, produced by Yuzuru Koga, photo feature by Seij Okumiya, Pen Hight Quality Magazine, Tokyo, monthly, n. 12, nov. 1999, pp. 68-71.

- 2001 – “Twice” upon a time!, EnzoTerzano interview, produced by Giancarlo Carlone, Il Messaggero/Il Quotidiano del Molise, A. IV, n. 111, Monday, 23 apr. 2001, p.3.


 2.10 Teaching experience

- 1991-92-93 held the chair of Theory and Method of the Mass-Media at Florence Academy of Fine Arts.

- 1993-94-95 held the chair of Aesthetics at Carrara Academy of Fine Arts.

- 1995-96-97-98 held the chair of Theory and Method of the Mass-Media  at L’Aquila and Frosinone Academies of Fine Arts.

- 1998-99-00-01 held the chair of Anthropology at Foggia Academy of Fine Arts..

Enzo Terzano in the wood of San Lorenzo, Arcidosso, January 2001, (photo by Federico Biagioli)


2.11 Conferences

- 2000 - Foggia, Customs Hall, Conference entitled: Art and Faith, Foggia: Local  Sponsorship; Foggia-Bovino Archidiocese; Foggia Academy of Fine Arts.Interventions:Antonio Pellegrino, Savino Grassi, Monsignor Domenico D’Ambrosio, Enzo Terzano; presentation of Francesca Arienna; conf. 17 May, 2000.

- 1999 - Arcidosso (Grosseto), Town Hall, conference entitled: The Symbolism of the quietness in a fresco of the Spituk Monastery in Ladack (India), org. International Institute of Shang Shung Tibetan Studies and Arcidosso: Town Council, Conferences about: Meeting with Art and Tibetan Buddhist Spirituality,conference,16 July,1999.

- 1999 - Isernia (Campobasso), conference entitled: The Perfection of the meditative absorption in Santiveda Bodhicaryavatara (VII-VIII sec.), Centre of Meditation and Prayer, 15 may, 1999.

- 1998 - Bologna, Ibis Bookshop, Baraccano Hall, public conference entitled: The symbolic origin of the elements, 16 april, 1998.

- 1997 - Bologna, Ibis Bookshop, Baraccano Hall, public conference entitled: The symbolism in the Holy Art.

- 1997 - Fiesole (Florence), Badia Fiesolana, Ernesto Balducci Organization and others , Florence, Council Town, intervention entitled: The Integration of different cultures in a globalized society, 25 apr. 1977.

- 1996 - Santa Fiora (Grosseto), Town Hall, S. Fiora: Town Council, manifestation on Culture of Peace in honor of Ernesto Balducci, intervention entitled: The Preservation of Tibetan Culture.

- 1994 - San Miniato (Florence), Auditorium, social political councillor , Tuscany, review: The Sea of Youth, round table on the theme The body from virtuous to virtual with Antonio Caronia, Chiara Frugoni, Mario Perniola, Assuncion Bernardez and Enzo Terzano, held  on November 18, 1994.

- 1988 - Crevalcore (Bologna), Cultural Asociation The Lion and the Stars, three conferences on the theme: “Cinematic communication and psychological models, 12, 13 & 19 April, 1988.

- 1986 - Riva del Garda (Verona), The House of the Artists, round table on the theme Young art and young criticism, participation in the theme: Trade of Art and Critical Oportunism.


2.12 Exhibitions (photographic and others)

- 1979 - Bologna, Ortica, Peinture d’ameublement, personal.

- 1984 - Bologna, Cassero, Trialistic Night, personal.

- 1986 - Milan, Ezio Grisanti Gallery, New Tendencies in Italy, by E. Di Mauro, collective exhibition .

- 1986 - Florence, Gallerie Parterre, Two-yearly Showcase, Photography section by D. Ciullini and D. Ricci, collective exhibition.

- 1986 - Florence, Gallerie Parterre, New Tendencies in Italy, 5th edition, collective exhibition.

- 1986 - Salonica, Greece, Torre Bianca, 2nd Biennial des Jeunes Créateur des Pays de la Méditerranée, press correspondent.

- 1988 - Bologna, Neon Galery, Mgur-poetry-exhibition, collective exhibition.

- 1988 - Padova, Spazio Intimo, Mgur-poetry-exhibition, collective exhibition.


2.13 Movies

- 1980 - The Ball, Italy, c., S 8, 18ft. sc., 11 min.

- 1981 - The sky between..., U.S.A., c., S 8, 24 ft. sc., 13 min.

- 1981 - Novelet for five performers, Italy, c., S 8, 18ft sc., 4 min. (destroyed)

- 1981 - Outside the two of us, Italy (in collaboration with R. Russo), c., 16mm., 51 min. (Chosen for the ‘Special Section’ of the XII International Festival of Taormina).

- 1987 - Short steps of restless sky, Italy, c., S 8, 14 min. (for the 1st Course of Theory and technique in cinema held in Bologna).

- 1990 - A short journey, Italy, c., S 8, 15 min. (for the 4th Course of Theory and technique of the cinema, held in Bologna). Ist prize at the Rimini Festival 1991.


2.14 Talk Show on TV

- 1996 - RAI TV 2 - Transmission hosted by A. Bagnasco, Tender is the night, live broadcast on the theme Violence on TV. Guests: Enzo Terzano; Alberto Abbruzzese; Vera Slepoy; A. Oliviero Ferraris etc. (30.1.1996).

- 1996 - RAI TV 2 - Transmission hosted by A. Bagnasco, Tender is the night, live broadcast on the theme The bad effects of violence on TV upon children. Guests: Enzo Terzano; Alberto Abbruzzese; Vera Slepoy; A. Oliviero Ferraris etc. (31.1.1996).

- 1996 - RAI TV 2 – Transmission hosted by A. Bagnasco, Tender is the night, live broadcast on the theme Art at the end of the second millenium. Guests: Enzo Terzano; Achille Bonito Oliva; Paolo Portoghesi; Emilio Tadini; E. Francalanci; Guido Costa, Betty B, Orlan (13.3.1996).


2.15 Satire

- 1996 RAI TV 3 – Catodos..., on ‘Blob’broadcast (01.2.1996).

- 1996 RAI TV 3 – Virtual Realities..., on ‘Blob’ broadcast (06.6.1996).


Translated by Riccardo Iannucci

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